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Original Audio NFTs



Here you can find my collection of audio NFTs that are available on the Ergo blockchain. 

An NFT is a 'non-fungible token', meaning that it is a unique digital collectable.  Benefits of ownership:

+ own a unique collectible (FUN)

+ support independent music (COOL)

+ buy and sell NFTs as a speculative asset (YOLO)

+ own a piece of the copyright (VERY RARE)

My NFTs will always be unique and original compositions written and performed by me.

Royalties: All NFTs are original compositions and recordings. It is important to understand the difference between a composition and a recording - a composition is the melody and (in the case of a song) lyrics. It is the blueprint for a song and could be used as the basis for other people to do 'cover versions'. 

The recording on the other hand is the version itself, it is the specific recording of a composition. In the music world, copyright is divided into two parts, the publishing royalty (which refers to the composition) and mechanical royalty (which refers to the recording). Copyright is automatically assigned to the creator, but it can be transferred by contract. The NFT sale shall constitute a suitable contract. 


In the case of my NFT sales, I will make it clear which parts of the ownership are transferred to the owner of the NFT, and this information will be embedded into the NFTs information and henceforth should be considered legally binding as a contract entered into my myself as the original minter of the NFT, and the owner (if if that ownership changes hands, it is assumed that the seller and buyer understand what royalties are being transferred with any subsequent sale or purchase).

'Resale Royalties' in the sense of a percentage of any money made by reselling the NFT on the secondary market are a separate use of the term 'royalty' - this is a different concept to royalty when used in the traditional sense (royalties due when a song is played on the radio, or used in a film soundtrack for example). In an example where an NFT has a 10% sell-on clause, this would mean that 10% of future sales on the Ergo blockchain would be transferred back to the creators wallet. This does not mean that I retain 10% of the publishing or mechanical royalties.

Proof of originality: In order to proove that the compositions and recordings are original and were created by me - I will be posting evidence on this page to verify that the creations are mine. These could take the form of videos of myself performing the song, evidence of the creation process, a live stream, or similar. Proof of originality is important in the NFT space as it is not uncommon for people to take other peoples works and attempt to sell them as their own. You can be sure that when you buy one of my NFTs you are buying an original work, in terms of both its composition and performance, directly from the creator.

To verify the authenticity of one of my NFTs, please make sure that the original minting address on the Ergo blockchain is:




The powerful sounds of raw analogue synth and driving Linn drums form this original track and production inspired by the forward-thinking blockchain Ergo and its future-builders.


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